What We Do

We can help your business or organization in almost any way imaginable, but here are the services that our clients request the most often:

Market Research

Do it right or do it over. Measure twice and cut once. Ready, aim, then fire.  You could wait until your product hits the market to find out whether or not people will actually buy it. Sometimes that works—usually it doesn’t. Unless you have a really good reason to rush to market, a little investment up front will save you a lot of headache down the road.

Whether it’s focus groups, a statistically significant survey, or a complete market analysis, your target market will tell us things about your product or service that they wouldn’t dare say to your face.

Read more about our market research services. 

Marketing Plans

You have a great idea. Now you need to tell your customers about it. We’ll put together a plan you can follow that tells the right people the right information at the right time.

Mystery Shopping

Are your customers being treated the way they want? You need to know what your customers think about you but you can’t walk around pretending to be a customer. Your employees will probably recognize you – even with the fake mustache and clip-on man bun.  We’ve put together a huge network of people nationwide who are willing to visit your business in person, online, or over the phone and report back to us how it went. There is no better way to understand your customers’ experiences.

Read more about mystery shopping.

We also do mystery shopping work with churches. More about that here

Strategic Planning

Every three years, your organization should analyze past operations, reevaluate its strategy, and plan accordingly for the future. Yuck. This process can be excruciating, but it really is necessary. Let us help you gather the thoughts and opinions of your staff and customers and then we’ll sequester your high level leaders and plan your future. Why let us help you with it? Well, you can either conspire to slash Bill's tires the next time he lectures your team about the importance of turning in your TPS reports, or you can bring in a neutral third party to share what really needs to be done. Plus—we’re really fun people to be stuck in a room with. 

Business Plans

Mozart could perfect an entire opera in his head before writing it down.  That ability is so rare that we still remember him for it two centuries later.  The rest of us have had these big awesome plans only to have something distract us and then forget what those plans were.  It’s way easier to hit a target when we know what the target is.  At the very least, we’re more efficient because we can get back on track when we get distracted.  We help you think through your great idea or next steps and then figure out the best way to implement it.

Communications Strategies

It’s what you say and how you say it - and it’s all dependent on who you’re saying it to.  Different audiences need different styles.  Web writing is different than speech writing is different than live interviews.  Twitter is cramming your thoughts into 140 characters and that’s led to a completely different vocabulary set entirely.  Trust us.  We know some high schoolers.  And hipsters.  And their grandparents’ doctors’ lawyers’ niece with her Ph.D. in underwater basket weaving.  Which is easier than it sounds.


There are nearly a quarter of a million self-help items for sale on Amazon.  They sell well because people are interested in improving something about themselves.  Maybe they need more self-confidence or stress management.  Maybe they want to be better at networking.  The “For Dummies” series sells so well that we have to assume that people don’t find it easy to learn new things.  For the most part, it’s because few of us can learn just by reading. 

We train people in sales and leadership, public speaking and etiquette, collaboration and stress management, how to train their new employees, and how to read their own financial statements.  Before you try diving into a “How To Stop Crushing People’s Hands During A Handshake – For Dummies,” let us customize a training that suits your and/or your team’s needs.

Personalized Services

We’ve also helped clients with dozens of other projects that don’t really fit into one of these core offerings. Embezzlement analysis and prevention, recruitment, conflict resolution, interim management, and incentive program design are all things we've done. Let’s talk about your project.