Our Services

These are the six main ways we help organizations minimize risk and maximize potential:

  • Strategic planning

    Strategic plans used to be good for 5-10 years. Now they have a useful life of about three years. We work with your key leaders and board members to determine where the business stands today and what you want it to look like three years from now. In this collaborative process we will review your mission and vision as well as determine your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We will help you identify appropriate goals and objectives that will drive the business forward and get everyone on the same page.

  • Business Planning

    Building a business without a business plan is like building a house without architectural drawings. It might turn out OK, but that’s not the way to bet. A business plan helps you think through all aspects of your business and helps to make sure that everyone on your team is working toward the same end goals. It should be reviewed and refreshed annually and at points of major change. As a side benefit, your banker, investor, regulator, or buyer will appreciate seeing that you have thought through all aspects of your business and have a plan for growth.

  • Surveys

    It’s hard to keep your finger on the pulse of your employees, clients, vendors, and stakeholders all at the same time. We use market research such as surveys (and sometimes focus groups) to help you make better strategic decisions. As a third party, we are able to gather honest feedback and develop recommendations that will keep your business moving in the right direction. 

  • Mystery Shopping

    Mystery shoppers identify strengths and weaknesses based on their first-hand experience with your product or service. When an anonymous person visits your location or interacts with you online or on the phone, they are able to provide valuable feedback from a real customer’s point of view. They can tell you if the employees they interacted with were friendly, if the service was explained properly, if the prices were clear, and so much more. Receiving this information regularly allows you to quickly correct any problems to get back on track and reward team members who are doing a great job. 

  • Training

    Whether you are looking for a 90-minute workshop or a 3-day immersion experience for your team, we can customize a solution for you. After spending time learning about your training goals, we will assemble a team of professionals that will enhance communication, leadership, sales, public speaking, personality profiling, and much more. 

  • Coaching

    Coaching can be done one-on-one or in small groups. We coach CEOs on how to get the most out of their teams, communicate change, deal with difficult situations, and personal growth. It’s lonely at the top and CEOs often have few people who understand their pressures and pain points. Coaching can also be for employees who want to get that next promotion, address blind spots holding them back, communicate more effectively, or maintain work/life balance. The best managers invest in their people and help them become top performers.